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ZENE and THX announce a New THX® Certified Private Cinema Program


Guangzhou, March 29, 2023


ZENE Systems, a long-time veteran in China’s residential custom installation industry, and THX, which is famous for its the global leading industry standard for cinemas and consumer electronics audio and video certification, today announced its strategic partnership at the 2023 Guangzhou International Audio Record Exhibition. This cooperation aims to improve the quality of home cinemas through a THX® Certification.


The strong combination of ZENE and THX is not only the embodiment of ZENE's commitment to spreading high-quality life concepts to users, but also shows that both companies are committed to promoting the healthy development of the home theater market throughout China, leveraging both companies’ pro-audio and video expertise to better meet consumers' needs for higher quality entertainment experiences and injecting vitality into the home theater market.



As a company that represents world-class audio-video fidelity standards, THX remains committed to bringing the best movie experience to homes. THX has established the standards and room size specifications for the acoustics, sound system design, and image quality of the theater to ensure that  audiences are fully immersed in the world of the movie as close as possible to how the filmmaker intended a movie to be enjoyed.



As one of the first evangelists of high performance home cinema in China, ZENE has been committed to promoting high-quality entertainment concepts for users, mainly undertaking private cinemas and all-house intelligent projects of villas and clubs. ZENE does not simply sell products to the end users but provide them with all-in-one AV and smart home solutions. Zene’s comprehensive services include system design, product selection, installation, calibration, user training, maintenance and system upgrade. All of these quality services contribute to a more comfortable and personalized home entertainment experience. Today, by working with THX, ZENE can bring the home cinema experience to a whole new level.


Mr. Gong, General Manager of ZENE Systems, said: "ZENE and THX share a common goal of providing the best home cinema experience for the audiences. ZENE’s large user base and exquisite craftsmanship will make a contribution to the local home cinema industry, bringing high-quality movie experiences to more consumers. We believe that the cooperation between ZENE and THX will further accelerate the development of China’s  home theater market and increase the entire industry’s strength and overall scale.


Wu Hao, General Manager of THX China, said: "We are pleased to establish this relationship with ZENE to bring more immersive and personalized cinematic experience to domestic movie and video fans across the country. Both THX and ZENE are industry leaders who are deeply committed to technology. We believe that this cooperation will help to provide an excellent audio and video entertainment experience for home theater audiences.."


ZENE will work closely with THX, including but not limited to THX Certification.. THX Certification for home cinemas is an engineering-based program that evaluates the performance of home theater equipment and components in a standardized and systematic manner based THX's 40 years of industry experience. The THX Certification process includes the structural analysis of the theater building, the verification of sound and picture equipment, and the overall configuration and commissioning of the playback system. As a result, the audience in the seats can enjoy the most carefully calibrated sound and picture quality, further authenticating the movie experience.

本次者尼与THX正式宣布在私人影院业务的合作,将成为THX在国内首家私人影院的核心服务商,并为私人影院项目提供相应的服务,除THX认证私人影院外,包括新增Tuned by THX Private Cinema, THX Review Private Cinema服务,在追求品质的同时,为集成商和影音爱好者提供更灵活的选择。此外,为了更好地保证设计流程透明和影厅最终品质,THX还将拓展线上流程管理功能,通过与经销商,集成商的深度合作,对每一个项目进行精准的把控。者尼与THX计划通过科学的项目流程管理以及产业链各环节的共同努力,将私人影院行业进行更进一步的提升。

For this time, ZENE and THX officially announced their cooperation in the home theater business, which will provide related services for home theater projects. Meantime, ZENE becomes the THX’s first core private cinema service supplier in China. In addition to THX Certification, including the addition of Tuned by THX Private Cinema, THX Review Private Cinema. They will provide more flexible choices for integrators, videophiles, and audiophiles while pursuing quality. In addition, to better ensure the transparency of the design process and the final quality of the cinema, THX will also expand the online process management function, and accurately control each project through in-depth cooperation with dealers and integrators. ZENE and THX plan to further improve the home theater industry through scientific project process management and joint efforts of all links in the industry chain.

About Zene Systems


者尼智能影音成立至今,我们始终秉持以技术为核心、不断提升客户影音体验的服务理念,使自身始终处于国内影音智能定制安装行业第一梯队。不仅早早加入了美国CEDIA协会,更凭借16年的家庭影院项目经验与追寻卓越的执着,2010年起接连荣获CEDIA协会16项大奖,2016美国.达拉斯CEDIA颁奖礼中,者尼代表亚太区最终在全球300余个参赛项目脱颖而出,获得了全球“BEST HOME THEATRE”大奖!是亚洲少数有此殊荣的智能影音定制安装系统集成商,也将中国定制安装行业带到了前所未有的新高度!

Founded in 2007, Zene Systems has always adhered to the service concept of taking technology as the core and continuously improving customer's audio and video experiences. In the past 15 years, Zene has been one of the leading companies in China’s residential custom installation industry. Zene joined CEDIA in 2008, with 16 years of experience in home theater projects and the pursuit of excellence, Zene has won 16 CEDIA awards since its first competition in 2010. In 2016, at the CEDIA Awards Ceremony in Dallas, USA, Cedia Asia-pacific region winner Zene systems won the CEDIA global "BEST HOME THEATER" award. It was the very first time that an Asian system integrator won this global award and this achievement has also brought China's custom installation industry to an unprecedented new height!


Zene Systems is committed to enhancing high-quality electronic lifestyle, providing its customers with customized audio/video and smart home solutions. After 16 years of development, Zene’s business scope has expanded from a single audio-visual room to fully integrated smart home systems. Zene’s processional services include power management, acoustic design, equipment installation and smart home integration. In many cities across China, Zene has reached long-team strategic partnerships with hundreds of dealers and service providers. These authorized installers can provide professional-grade audio/video and smart home integration services for local consumers.


About THX Ltd.


THX由著名电影导演乔治·卢卡斯(George Lucas)于1983年创立,如今仍致力于为优质娱乐体验赋能。基于革新的现代技术,THX为卓越的音频和视觉还原度保驾护航,真实地传达艺术家的愿景。THX的产品和服务不限于工作室和电影院,还包括消费电子产品、内容、汽车系统和现场娱乐等。目前,THX空间音效,专利的THX AAA™ 音频技术以及享誉全球的THX认证,帮助THX的合作伙伴在影院、家庭和电子产品上带来优质的娱乐体验。想要了解更多信息,请访问THX.com,或在社交媒体上关注我们。

Founded in 1983 by filmmaker George Lucas, THX Ltd. today continues to excel at empowering great entertainment experiences. The company provides innovative modern technologies and the assurance of superior audio and visual fidelity that truthfully delivers the artist’s vision. THX offerings go beyond studios and cinemas to consumer electronics, content, automotive systems, and live entertainment. Its THX® Spatial Audio and patent-rich THX AAA™ audio technologies, and world-class THX® Certification standards, help THX partners bring premium entertainment enjoyment to market in the cinema, home, and mobile lifestyle electronics. For further information, visit THX.com and find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and follow us on Twitter. 

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